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Cloud Engineering

We Help Organizations Improve The Effectiveness of Their WebSites by Ensuring that they Perform Quickly No Matter the Device or Network.

“Conversion rates have been going up 12% since we moved our entire platform to these guys! Definitely recommended”

Joelle Amber, CMO @ FrontLines

Free up your central IT to focus on other critical business applications. We handle your Infrastructure, and Keep you Always OnLine®. 24/7 operational support, Server Maintenance, Updates and Security patches, on the Server and on Application Layer.

We meet the Highest Standards of Performance, Security, and Scale. CloudFOX® Engineering - Managed Hosting Platform

Managed Cloud Hosting High Availability Services

CloudFOX® Engineering

We Manage, and Administer Application Infrastructure and Data Solutions on Core Google Cloud Platform & AMAZON Technology, Google Cloud High Availability Cloud Architecture ensures Optimal Operational Performance, even at times of High Loads.

Advanced Cloud Technology

Complete Server Monitoring | Performance Monitoring

CloudFOX® Server Monitoring

We See Inside any Stack, any App, at any Scale, Anywhere. Our Intelligent Application And Service Monitoring, collects Data & Logs, to Visualize the Performance of your APPS, alerting us, before your visitors reach your APP. We Find any service bottlenecks, search and analyze your logs and Scale your APPs to perform Fast in any NetWork conditions.

CloudFOX® Synthetic monitoring. Our monitoring techniques done by using an emulation and scripted recordings of transactions / Browser Tests for proactive, end-to-end visibility. Those paths are then continuously monitored at specified intervals for performance, such as functionality, availability, and response time measures. We test your applications 24x7, We Track your site's uptime and latency, to help provide visibility on application health during off peak hours when transaction volume is low.

CloudFox® Perfomance

NGINX Plus is a software Load Balancer, Web Server, and content cache built on top of open source NGINX. NGINX Plus is a high performance, flexible, scalable, secure web accelerator and a web server. NGINX features include: Layer 4 / Layer 7 load balancing; application request routing; support for FastCGI, uwsgi, SCGI and memcached protocols; HTTP streaming media; SSL termination; bandwidth and request control; reverse proxy for HTTP, SMTP, IMAP and POP3; content caching; static content offload. This solution uses Ubuntu 16.04 as a base OS.

All Instances are Managed. You can focus on your APPLICATION


Utilizing the Performance of NGiNX on Linux Dedicated Machines

NGiNX Plus

We gathered a suite of products that together form the core of what organizations need to create applications with performance, reliability, security, and scale.

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StefanoWP specialized in Cloud Hosting Mobile & Web Application Development.

Everyday We Improve The Effectiveness Some of the Most Visited Websites in the World by Ensuring that they Perform Quickly No Matter the Device or Network.

WordPress? No problem at all!

Our Platform, designed on Google's Core Products will ensure your WordPress will be fast as possible!

Managed WordPress Services

DNS Management, Protection and acceleration by CloudFlare

All of our servers are Managed, protected and accelerated by the Top web-infrastructure and website-security company, CloudFlare, that providing content-delivery-network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security, and distributed domain-name-server services. Cloudflare is your complete solution for Network Security, Performance, and Reliability. All as a service. Cloudflare's network learns from traffic to over 20 million Internet properties, accounting for visits from over 1 billion unique IP addresses per day.

WordPress Hosting Group

Join our WordPress Hosting Group, ask anything you like and get solutions fast!