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WordPress Perfomance

Loading fast matters. WordPress Perfomance Services. WordPress website speed plays a vital role, a small fraction of a second can make the difference between a sale, or a your visitor experience, can hurt your revenue and damage your Brand's reputation. Your site might not be optimal due to the theme design and a number of plugins used, which may provide a pretty bad *uncached* experience. The more you "load" your site either with unoptimized theme design and/or plugins, the slower it will be. Generally, there are no magical "optimization" plugins that will make your site fast, WordPress speed is an advanced level, minification is good, but won't save the day. We host your WordPress on dedicated server farms that offload your site. You have a speed issue? We have the solution.

WordPress Upgrades

WordPress core and WordPress plugin upgrades. It is crucial to keep your WordPress updated. The longer you wait to update, the harder it will be. Monthly maintenance plans, for plugin and core updates, can help you to have a clean and secure WordPress installation. We update every WordPress manually as some plugins may not be compatible with the latest versions. We ensure that your website is always online, but functional too. We ensure stability before making the leap. We are responsible for updating all of our customer's WordPress installations, core, and plugins to the latest possible stable releases without breaking their sites...while at the same time we offer scalability and reliability.

WordPress Support

WordPress support by real Engineers with expert know-how and experience to know WordPress from insdide, understanding how core components work, and in general in a fast support experience with problem solving within minutes. Enterprise Support solution for WordPress while our team working on staging environments working on fast and effective WordPress solutions. No-contract monthly subscription frees, no hidden charges. Professional WordPress support plans, we use magic developer powers to thrill you and your WordPress providing one of the greatest support team in the history of WordPress, we are passionate about the services we provide, and we keeping your site working for you.Best in class WordPress support ever!


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